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Postautor: Frank Holman » 04 sty 2008, 21:38

[color="Red"][SIZE="4"]opera 9.5 Windows build 9721[/SIZE] [snapshot, kestrel]
03.01.2008 10:59[/color]

:arrow: o950s_9721m.exe MSI
:arrow: o950s_9721.exe

New year, new build
By blaabjerg. Friday, 4. January 2008, 14:09:36

Welcome to 2008! I hope you all had an excellent celebration, and that you're rested and ready for some more testing. Here's a new Kestrel build for you. Happy new year! :cheers:

Also, check out this little gem: Ctrl(Cmd)+Alt+Click and drag a page. woot! :D

[color="Red"]WARNING: These are development snapshots: they contain the latest changes, but they also have severe known issues, including crashes and data loss situations. In fact, they may not work at all.[/color]

[color="Red"]Known issues

* [Bug 304257] Sorting mail by date is still broken on Windows.
* opera:historysearch is currently disabled - work in progress :wink:
* Sparc Solaris builds still crash when you try to use mail
* Sometimes, the address bar dropdown stays open after submitting[/color]

[color="SeaGreen"]Bugs fixed

* Fixed getClientRects and getBoundingClientRect
* [Bug 299224] Fixed broken account settings when adding a new IRC/Chat account
* [Bug 303604] Fixed Link icon in the toolbar not showing
* [Bug 304214] Fixed crasher on emptying trash
* [Bug 303586] Fixed spatial navigation
* Sync'ing new bookmarks in folders works again.
* Importing *.mbs files now works again. Recursively importing is still work in progress.[/color]


* Help window no longer opens behind Preferences dialog


* We now search also for Acrobat Reader 8.
* 32-bit plugins (like Flash) and 64-bit plugins now work out-of-the-box in 64-bit Linux builds.[/color]


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