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[color="Red"][SIZE="5"]Where Is It? 3.90 (build 1213)[/SIZE]
where390.zip, 5013 kB, December 13th 2007, ZIP compressed[/color]

Download Sites: Download Site 1 (http) Download Site 2 (http)
Also available: [WhereIsIt Lite] [Version 1 Downloads] [Version 2 Downloads]

Version 3.90 - 8. December 2007

* Searching is now diactric insensitive by default, and will ignore diactric marks in file names and descriptions. In order to search for literal characters as specified in search expression, include your search expression in double quotes. Examples are in the help file.
* Search engine has been heavily optimized for speed, with most critical parts rewritten in assembly language for best performance. Recent additions such as Unicode support and diactric insensitive searching take their toll in increased processing required when searching. With last batch of optimizations, searching speed in version 3.90 is on par with previous versions, and considerably faster when not using whole words searching, case insensitivity, or diactric insensitivity.
* Sorting by filenames in item lists now supports Smart Sorting instead of strictly using standard lexicographic sorting. With Smart Sorting, numbers in file names are detected and sorted as numbers instead of comparing them character by character. This way, Smart Sorting always lists files with smaller numbers first ("A2" comes before "A12").
* Searching by regular expressions now supports Unicode.
* Fixed searching being prematurely interrupted and aborted in some very specific cases.
* Fixed extracting files from some .zip archives with Unicode file name.
* Fixed an issue with password protected catalogs using non-ASCII characters in their passwords.
* Updated help file with some details about Unicode support is various parts of the program.
* Updated DcrawPlugin to the latest version of dcraw.c.
* Several other minor cosmetical fixes in various places, mostly related to handling Unicode.



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