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Dział, który stworzono aby każdy mógł podzielić się z innymi nowinką z pędzącego świata IT.

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VirtualDub 1.6.11 Build 23774 (stable):
2005-10-02 15:28

:arrow: VirtualDub-1.6.11-AMD64.zip 1021933 657 AMD64 .zip
:arrow: VirtualDub-1.6.11-src.zip.bz2 1381173 161 i386 Source .bz2
:arrow: VirtualDub-1.6.11.zip 943277 10191 i386 .zip

VirtualDub 1.6.11 released

VirtualDub 1.6.11 is out in the wild, and captures a couple of months of bug fixes. The major change in this version is that, as I noted last time, I've spent a good deal of time expanding the help file. In particular, a lot more of the new 1.6.x capture system is now documented. There are still some holes here and there, but I'm beginning to think that I should do another experimental drive in the 1.6.x series and revisit the capture system, especially since 1.7.x is a ways off anyway (there are some issues with latency that I need to work out).

I did sneak a new feature into this build, though: support for custom video display shaders. This doesn't add any new processing capabilities, but it does allow arbitrary vertex and pixel shaders to be used to control the video display panes. In particular, it permits experimentation with filtering techniques beyond the usual point/bilinear/bicubic set, if you have a powerful enough video card and are sufficiently adept with Direct3D shaders. The file format is the standard Microsoft effect file format (.fx), and the surrounding setup is documented in the help file.

I intend to go into more detail on issues with capture and video shaders, but there's too much to go into here, so those will have to be separate blog entries. In the meantime, click Read More... if you want to see the changelog.


Build 23774 (1.6.11, stable): [October 2, 2005]
[features fixed]
* Added support for using D3D .fx files for hardware-assisted display. This
requires d3dx_25.dll (DirectX 9.0c April 2005) to work.
* Added keyboard shortcuts for scene forward/backward.

[bugs fixed]
* The current frame could not be copied after a "scan for errors" command.
* Fixed crash in DV type-1 audio resampling code at end of stream.
* Fixed audio read errors on DV type-1 files with drop frames.
* Fixed a couple of crash bugs related to using positive audio displacements.
* Fixed a rare filter crash triggered by a previously failing filter suddenly
becoming able to start while the filter list is being edited.
* Fixed bad write length in .wav writer.
* If precision was set to "no change" but channel conversion was enabled, the
audio was converted to 8-bit.
* Error descriptions for failed jobs were often truncated after exiting and
restarting the app.
* JPEG decoder sometimes reported false parsing errors due to not parsing
over comment blocks.
* Filter load and AVI append functions could report "operation completed
successfully" rather than the proper error.
* AVI File Information reported an incorrect preload value for AVIs that
started with a video chunk.
* Capture: Stop conditions were being saved even if Accept was pressed.
* Capture: Emulation test driver crashed on activation if the last used video
file couldn't be found.
* (AMD64 only) Disassembler was not decoding base registers properly.
* (AMD64 only) Cropping was incorrect or outright broken with some video

[regressions fixed]
* "Split" audio filter was broken.
* Frameserver exposed too much audio when range to be served was set through
range selection, rather than the tail being deleted.


uwaga! tymczasowo podane linki mogą nie działać z uwagi na problemy sourceforge'a, gdyby tak się działao należy skorzystać z linków i instrukcji zapodanych na oficjalnej stronie programu http://www.virtualdub.org/

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[Edytor video] VirtualDub

Postautor: Frank Holman » 07 gru 2005, 20:04

[font="Tahoma"][SIZE="2"]Proof that I had too much free time in college[/SIZE][/font]

Autor: Avery Lee http://www.virtualdub.org/ | http://virtualdub.sourceforge.net/
Licencja : wolne oprogramowanie (GNU General Public License)
System operacyjny : MS Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP

Dla wielu niezbędne narzędzie, zwłaszcza dla miłośników zgrywania filmów na CD. Jest to program do obróbki i kompresji filmów w formatach avi, mpeg czy choćby DivX (można sobie wybrać własnego kodeka). Mimo swoich minimalnych rozmiarów drzemią w nim potężne możliwości. Podstawowe możliwości programu to zrzut dowolnych klatek do pliku *.bmp, zrzut ścieżki dzwiękowej do *.wav, wycinanie i wstawianie dowolnych scen z filmów, łączenie plików filmowych, konwersja filmów ze starych kodeków na nowe, zmiana rozdzielczości na wyższą, zmiana formatu dzwięku, konwersje plików video, możliwość wstawiania efektów do filmu (blur, sharpen), zmiana frame rate itp...




fccHandler's stuff

[color="Red"][SIZE="3"]MPEG-2 Upgrade for VirtualDub by fccHandler[/SIZE]
aka VirtualDub-MPEG2
Based on VirtualDub by Avery Lee[/color]

STRONA DOMOWA | Unofficial VirtualDub Support Forums

uwaga, wersja nie umożliwia kompresji dźwięku AC-3; w razie potrzeby takowej należy skorzystać a kodeka AC-3 ACM tego samego autora

[SIZE="1"][font="Franklin Gothic Medium"][color="Indigo"]hosted by[/color][/font][/SIZE]

[SIZE="1"][font="Book Antiqua"][color="DimGray"]VirtualDub - Copyright (c) 1998-2006 by Avery Lee, All Rights Reserved.
Compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for X86

This program is free software and may be distributed acording to the terms of the GNU General Public License

Please send all comments, criticism, etc. to <phaeron@virtualdub.org>[/color][/font][/SIZE]

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Postautor: Frank Holman » 13 mar 2006, 18:51

[color="Red"][SIZE="4"]VirtualDub 1.6.14 Build 24415[/SIZE]
12.03.2006 18:27[/color]

virtualdub-win [Notes] (2006-03-12 18:43)
:arrow: VirtualDub-1.6.14-AMD64.zip 1043430 bytes Architecture:AMD64 Type:.zip
:arrow: VirtualDub-1.6.14-src.zip.bz2 1403254 bytes Architecture:i386 Type:Source .bz2
:arrow: VirtualDub-1.6.14.zip 1025952 bytes Architecture:i386 Type:.zip


Build 24415 (1.6.14, stable): [March 12, 2006]

[features added]
* Added option to choose different disk I/O modes to tradeoff slower speed
for better compatibility and system response.
* Added /capfileinc switch to set filename and increment its trailing
number to avoid existing files.
[bugs fixed]
* Added workaround for video codecs that read beyond the end of the input
buffer during Huffman/VLC decoding.
* Fixed intermittent problems with writing AVI files to a network drive.

Build 24390 (1.6.13, experimental): [February 26, 2006]
[features added]
* Added support for pass-through of PCM audio that has more than 2
* Added limited support for correct seeking when reading AVI files with VBR
audio. The VBR audio still cannot be written as such in Direct mode,
* Added /hexedit command-line switch.
* Converted help file to HTML Help (.chm) format.
* Hex editor: Open dialog now persists its "open as read-only" setting.
* Hex editor: Added keyboard shortcuts for open and save.
* Hex editor: Stopping a RIFF scan still shows partial info.
* Capture: Increased speed of audio resampler.
* Capture: Added ability to fine-tune channel tuning.
* Capture: The command-line /capstart option can now trigger a capture for
shorter than one minute using an "s" prefix, i.e. 10s.
* Capture: The "hide on capture" setting is now auto-saved.

[bugs fixed]
* JPEG files lacking a JFIF or Exim header were not recognized.
* Error dialogs from Windows on disk or DLL load errors are now suppressed
for command-line invocations.
* TARGA files with a width of 1 were not written correctly.
* Previewing an advanced audio filter graph using a format that the sound
card could not play led to a deadlock.
* Attempting to use audio conversion or resampling with an input PCM format
that was not mono/stereo 8/16-bit led to a crash. For now, attempting to
do this now throws an error.
* Fixed redraw problems when adjusting the cropping settings of a video
filter that is already being cropped on input.
* Added workaround for broken AVI files that have MP3 audio streams with
* Fixed audio stream sometimes being truncated when the audio stream's
nBlockAlign doesn't match its dwSampleSize value.
* Tabbing now works within the border fields of the cropping dialogs.
* 16-bit (565) format was using a bogus bit mask for the green channel.
* Added workaround for livelock when using Creative MP3 codec caused by
strange PostThreadMessage() call within that codec.
* When a video filter failed with an error during filter preview, the error
was not displayed.
* Fixed clicking in DV type-1 audio decoding when switches in audio
sampling rate are encountered.
* Added code to prevent confusion when multiple MP3 audio codecs are
* Capture: Video timing adjustment now defaults to enabled.
* Capture: Cropping dialog did not always display live video properly if
preview acceleration wasn't enabled.
* Capture: Fixed intermittent crash when disabling filtering with a
DirectShow driver.
* Capture: An error is now displayed when DirectShow filter graph
construction fails when starting capture.
* Capture: The default display mode for DirectShow drivers couldn't be set
to None.
* Capture: BT8x8 Tweaker could cause U and V to swap on some cards.

[regressions fixed]
* Filter cropping dialog crashed when no video file was loaded.
* Redraw requests could cause the output frame to be updated even if the
output frame was disabled.
* Capture: Frame rate went crazy when using Set Custom Format with
DirectShow drivers.
* Capture: Video codecs received a frame rate that was 1/10th that of the
correct value (messed up bitrate values accordingly).

Build 24259 (1.6.12, experimental): [January 4, 2006]

[features added]
* Performance settings are now auto-saved.
* Cropping dialogs now auto-scale video that is too large to display and
use a dashed crop border for better visibility.
* Added /cmd flag to quickly invoke a script command from the command-
* There is now an option to avoid tearing in the video display panes.
* Script: Added VirtualDub.Exit(int) command to end the program with a
specific error code.
* Script: Added VirtualDub.subset.length property for current length of
subset in frames (timeline).
* Script: Added VirtualDub.video.length property for current length of
source video in frames.
* Capture: The list of statistics displayed in the info panel has been
expanded and can be filtered from the Preferences dialog.
* Capture: Modified option to adjust video timing based on drift from
ideal stream timing rather than real-time.
* Capture: Reworked video timing interpolation to be less sensitive to
discontinuities in the system timer.
* Capture: "Autoincrement filename" option now automatically skips over
existing files as well.
* Capture: Added timing graph to visualize behavior of resync engine.
* Capture: Timing logs, if enabled, are automatically saved at the end of
* Capture: Increased precision of frame period selection from 1us to 100ns
to reduce frame dropping at device level when using DirectShow drivers.
* Capture: Capture from DV sources to type-2 DV AVI using the DirectShow
DV driver is now supported.
* Capture: Backspace now works when entering channel numbers.

[bugs fixed]
* Increased precision of processing fps estimate.
* "Space" is no longer listed as an accelerator for "abort dub" since it
doesn't work as such when rendering to disk. It still works for preview.
* Fixed job control re-enabling itself if a menu command is chosen while a
job is running, leading to possible reentrancy crashes.
* Clearing the current job list or loading a new one while a job was in
progress led to a crash.
* Invalid MPEG-1 layer II frame headers display a slightly less confusing
error than "internal error."
* Renamed "use internal MJPEG decoder" in AVI extended open options to
"use internal decoders," since it happened to force the internal DV
decoder too. Added a sticky option in Preferences for this.
* Filters were receiving inconsistent output frame numbers when using
input preview or saving with a starting offset.
* Fixed crash when crop rectangle reduced filter input to smaller than 1x1.
* Fixed crash when using deinterlace filter in "duplicate field 2" mode.
* Fixed broken cropping in some modes of deinterlace filter.
* Manually stopping a save operation will now also stop a running script,
and cause a command-line task to return with an error code.
* CLI tool didn't work properly when path to vdub.exe/vdub64.exe contained
* Removed some hard-coded limits on frame rates in the Frame Rate dialog
* Fixed minor memory leak when plugins fail to load.
* Fixed a case where an I/O error on the output AVI file could cause a hang
instead of an error to be displayed.
* MPEG-1: Fixed yet another rare frame decoding error when seeking randomly
in the timeline.
* MPEG-1: Fixed crash when opening file with all CPU optimizations forced on.
* D3DFX: vd_tvpcorrect, vd_t2vpcorrect, vd_tvpcorrect2, and vd_t2vpcorrect2
constants were computed with U and V sizes swapped.
* Capture: VFW devices sometimes didn't display overlay properly with full-
height frame sizes and consumed additional CPU due to the preview hook
being left enabled.
* Capture: The Video File (emulation) test capture driver is no longer a
candidate for being saved as the driver to auto-start the next time
capture mode is entered.
* Capture: Unicode filenames are now displayed properly in the title bar.
* Capture: Fixed 0.03% sync error when using NTSC frame rates.
* Capture: Fixed random crash when modifying filter parameters with a WDM
capture driver active in accelerated preview mode.
* Capture: Fixed keyboard focus on startup so that entering channel numbers
works again.
* Capture: Fixed instability on reporting errors when audio resampler is
* (AMD64 only) Fixed crash when opening a Motion JPEG file with no MJPEG
codec installed. Note that the internal MJPEG codec still isn't
implemented for this platform.

[regressions fixed]
* Capture: Fixed normal errors sometimes being reported as internal errors.

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Postautor: Frank Holman » 31 maja 2006, 17:49

[color="Red"][SIZE="4"]MPEG-2 Upgrade for VirtualDub 1.6.15 by fccHandler[/SIZE]
Latest build 24600 (July 8, 2006)
Based on VirtualDub 1.6.15 by Avery Lee[/color]

http://fcchandler.home.comcast.net/stable/VirtualDub-MPEG2.zip (0.99 MB)
http://fcchandler.home.comcast.net/stable/VirtualDub-MPEG2-source.zip (2.15 MB)



Change Log

Version 1.6.15 build 24600 (July 8, 2006)

* I've made some improvements to the experimental ASF/WMV parser. It should now handle broken ASF/WMVs much better, plus the audio/video sync is much improved while seeking in WMVs with VBR Windows Media Audio 9. Many of the code changes were donated or suggested by developer "Moitah." (Thanks Moitah!)

* At some point during the upgrade to 1.6.15, decoding of 4:2:2 MPEG-2 content was broken. This is fixed now.

Version 1.6.15 build 24560 (July 3, 2006)

* I've added some code suggested by Avery Lee, to favor the MPEG parser for files with typical MPEG extensions. Hopefully this will reduce the occurrence of the "Cannot detect file type" error message with broken MPEG streams.

* Fixed yet another rare bug in the MPEG-2 decoder.

Version 1.6.15 build 24554 (June 23, 2006)

* Modified some code to avoid a crash in one broken MPEG stream.

Version 1.6.15 build 24550 (June 20, 2006)

* In capture mode, "Stretch to window" now takes cropping into account when stretching.

* Fixed some minor bugs in the MPEG-2 decoder.

Version 1.6.15 build 24458 (May 29, 2006)

* I upgraded the core to version 1.6.15.

* I moved the "honor repeat first field flags" and "allow matrix coefficients" options from the MPEG extended open dialog to the "Options / Preferences / MPEG" dialog, which makes it possible to save these options permanently.



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Postautor: Frank Holman » 13 sie 2006, 14:06

[color="Red"][SIZE="5"] virtualdub-win [/SIZE]
(2006-08-12 16:13)[/color]

:arrow: download mirrors for V1.6.16 (32-bit) release build (VirtualDub-1.6.16.zip)
:arrow: download mirrors for V1.6.16 (AMD 64-bit) release build (VirtualDub-1.6.16-AMD64.zip)
:arrow: download mirrors for V1.6.16 source code (VirtualDub-1.6.16-src.zip.bz2)

VirtualDub's file list page on SourceForge

VirtualDub 1.6.16 released

This minor bugfix release is long overdue (~3 months since last release), but fixes several bugs and a couple of regressions in 1.6.15. Enjoy.

There is a feature release in the works (1.7.0), but I do not have an ETA for its release. I can say that there will be one change in system requirements: 1.7.0 will definitely require at least Windows 98. This is partly being driven by the increased system requirements of the Visual Studio 2005 C runtime library, but also because I have a desire to use UI components and system calls that require at least Windows 98, and the number of systems that are running Windows 95 or 95 OSR2 is fairly minimal at this point.


Build 24463 (1.6.16, stable): [August 12, 2006]
[features added]
* Added AMD64 versions of the frameserver and AVIFile frameclient.
* Added .divx to file filter for video open dialog (although AVI files
should be tagged .avi, dammit).

[bugs fixed]
* Fixed decoding errors when reading JPEGs with junk at the end of the file.
* Improved support for working with video codecs that are configured to only
output YUV formats.
* Added more checks to script parameters for "resize" video filter.
* Fixed gradient bugs in "smoother" video filter.
* Added "png" file extension to logo filter open dialog; it has been
supported for a while, but you had to manually override the file filter.
* Fixed truncation in audio displacement setting that prevented it from
working beyond ~35min.
* Capture: Fixed crash when attempting to capture with both striping and
segmentation (not supported).

[regressions fixed]
* Capture: Audio playback sometimes didn't work.
* Capture: Fixed noise issue in resampler.
* Improved accuracy of "box blur" filter.


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Postautor: Frank Holman » 01 sty 2007, 20:17

[color="Red"][SIZE="5"]virtualdub-win (stable)[/SIZE]
(2006-11-05 14:31)[/color]

:arrow: VirtualDub-1.6.17-AMD64.zip 1095076 AMD64 .zip
:arrow: VirtualDub-1.6.17-src.zip.bz2 1405998 i386 Source .bz2
:arrow: VirtualDub-1.6.17.zip 1025636 i386 .zip

[SIZE="1"]Release Name:


Build 24469 (1.6.17, stable): [November 4, 2006]
[bugs fixed]
* Fixed divide by zero crash when Direct3D display is enabled and a video
pane is shrunken to zero width.
* UYVY video streams were being reported as RGB16.
* Direct3D display minidriver didn't clip properly when the image was
zoomed larger than the screen.

[regressions fixed]
* Capture: Reverted change in rendering strategy for DirectShow filter
graphs in order to fix field problems with ATI devices.
* Capture: Fixed crash when capturing video only using a VFW driver.


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Postautor: Frank Holman » 11 lut 2007, 11:02


[color="Red"][SIZE="5"]VirtualDub 1.7.1 (build 27021) [/SIZE] (experimental)
(2007-02-06 22:26)[/color]

:arrow: VirtualDub-1.7.1-AMD64.zip 1417452 AMD64 .zip
:arrow: VirtualDub-1.7.1-src.7z 1380334 i386 Other Source File
:arrow: VirtualDub-1.7.1.zip 1304425 i386 .zip

[SIZE="1"]VirtualDub 1.7.1 (27021) released

New experimental version.


Well, you know the drill.

Animated GIF support is indeed in this version. I experimented with an animated palette delta trick that a reader suggested, and it does indeed create some really nice animated GIFs. (For the three of you who remember my really old DOS paint program, I pulled the adaptive palette generation code from it.) Animated GIF output wasn't really meant to be a real feature in VirtualDub, particularly since I don't want to implement two-pass encoding just for an optimized global palette, so the output path doesn't have options and tends to write enormous files. Still, if you want to experiment with it, you can do so via the Tools > Create Animated GIF menu option.

There are a few other miscellaneous features in this version as well. I threw in a CPU version of the "warp resize" display pixel shader I posted a while back, and the "display decompressed output" option can now be toggled on the fly, so you can preview part of a save operation without slowing down the whole thing.

The real features in this version, though, are all due to me screwing around a bit with 3D acceleration.

First, the Direct3D and D3DFX display minidrivers now have hardware YCbCr acceleration support for most formats, including UYVY, YUY2, YV24, YV16, YV12, I420, and YVU9. I used pixel shaders for this, so it's not vulnerable to the imprecise or incorrectly ranged hardware conversions that the DirectShow Video Mixing Renderer 9 sometimes hits with StretchBlt(). Also, the D3D9 and D3DFX minidrivers now have full support for field display modes. The plan is to eventually switch the default display path from DirectDraw to Direct3D for Windows Vista, but I'm not ready to make the switch yet, as I'm still seeing annoying issues with Vista and NVIDIA display drivers... and I haven't gotten around to reinstalling Vista RTM on my ATI-based machine to figure out who to blame.

Second, preview acceleration in capture mode now has options to do field-based display. This isn't particularly useful during normal capture, but they're more useful if you're viewing non-interlaced output... like if a certain programmer decided to use his new capture device to play an old Playstation 1 game, like Lunar 2....

The distinctive feature in this version, though, is the screen capture support in capture mode. Now, you might think... why the heck did he add screen capture? Because he's too cheap to buy a real screen capture program? Well, yes, but the real reason is that I found an interesting way to do it. The screen capture minidriver supports OpenGL acceleration, which means that if you have a 3D card with pixel shaders, you can get hardware accelerated scaling, RGB-to-YCbCr conversion, and duplicate frame detection (probably the strangest use ever for occlusion query). I have successfully captured a 1920x1200 desktop, shrunk to 960x600, converted to YUY2, and compressed to Huffyuv at 30 fps. Combine this with "What U Hear" or "Stereo Mix" or whatever your sound card calls the loopback, and you can capture motion video with sound with surprisingly good sync. Surprisingly, it works even if another program is using the 3D hardware -- I successfully captured Final Fantasy VII in an emulator at full rate. The downside is that it doesn't seem to work with the NVIDIA drivers for Vista, where it just gives a black screen. It fails even if the DWM is disabled and only Aero Basic is displayed. Again, I haven't tried this with ATI's Vista drivers yet, although I did test it successfully on a RADEON X850XT in Windows XP. If anyone has an idea how to get desktop readback into a texture working on Vista or manages to get it working with WDDM drivers, please let me know.

Read on for the change list.


Build 27021 (1.7.1, experimental): [February 6, 2007]
[features added]

* AVI file info now shows the FOURCC of the video stream.
* The "display decompressed output" option can now be enabled and disabled
in the middle of encoding.
* Improved playback timing.
* Added /hexview command-line flag to open a file in read-only mode.
* Added /noStupidAntiDebugChecks for development purposes.
* Added "warp resize" video filter.
* The "resize" video filter now allows editing the frame height with an
aspect ratio constraint active.
* Ctrl+Drag in the audio display modifies the audio displacement.
* Added an option to create several types of diagnostic test videos.
* Added Y800 as a synonym for Y8.
* Added support for the 4:4:4 planar YCbCr "YV24" format.
* Added animated GIF import.
* D3D: UYVY, YUY2, YV24, YV16, YV12, I420, and YVU9 video display is now
accelerated in Direct3D mode.
* D3DFX: Added additional support for field-based display shaders.
* Capture: Added a new screen capture driver.
* Capture: Added configurable hotkeys for stopping and starting capture.
* Capture: DirectShow filter graph build errors are now noted in the log
* Capture: Full-screen mode now auto-hides mouse cursor.
* Capture: Added UI for modifying DirectShow brightness, contrast, gamma,
sharpness, and hue settings.
* Capture: Audio playback setting is now auto-saved.

[bugs fixed]
* "Export as filmstrip" command failed if no audio stream was available.
* Filmstrips didn't resave properly as AVI (video stream type set
* Modified the SSE check to ignore the flush-to-zero (FTZ) bit, which
unfortunately some compiler DLL runtimes twiddle.
* "Preserve empty frames" was writing out the empty frames as key frames.
VirtualDub corrects this on load, but it was still incorrect on disk.
* "Preserve empty frames" caused the video codec key frame interval to
work incorrectly -- it counted compressed frames rather than total frames.
* "Display decompressed output" was broken.
* Added workaround for silent crash when using the audio display with older
versions of Avisynth.
* Added workaround for digital cameras that leave the last byte off of JPEG
* Added workaround for some naughty DLLs that prevented VirtualDub's crash
logging mechanisms from working properly.
* Added more workarounds for overlay surface goofiness on Windows Vista.
* Audio display now reflects timeline edits and the audio displacement
* Made it more difficult to accidentally select frames in the audio display.
* Fixed divide by zero crash when D3DFX display is enabled and a video pane
is shrunken to zero width.
* Fixed case where tiny audio chunks were emitted periodically when using
some MP3 codecs at a 44KHz sampling rate (audio interleaving issue, not
sync issue).
* Fixed goofed file filters in source dialog of "create paletted AVI"
* Inverse telecine could be enabled with smart rendering (which doesn't
* Fixed "preserve empty frames" and "smart rendering" options to work
better in the presence of a B-frame encoding delay.
* Capture: Alt+Enter full-screen toggle left window in topmost placement.
* Capture: Fixed sporadic crash when capturing with resync disabled.
* Capture: Fixed tabbing in "set custom format" dialog.
* Capture: /capfileinc and the startup code didn't increment the filename
properly past existing files when multisegment capture was enabled.
* Capture: Hide on Capture now works for DirectShow-based devices.
* Capture: Added workaround for driver bug in Adaptec AVC-1400 GameBridge
drivers that causes a crash when displaying video capture pin properties.
* Capture: Fixed filter leak in DirectShow driver in some cases when the
filter graph failed to build properly.
* Capture: When the "transform filter" registry option was used, the
transform filter popped off the capture filter after a video format

[regressions fixed]
* Fixed crash when opening AVI file with truncated MP3 audio format.
* Fixed some audio sync errors when cutting.
* Fixed the resize filter's settings not saving properly. This was actually
caused by a long standing overload resolution bug in filter script with
multiple glue functions on the same overload.
* Fixed crash when attempting to preview with an audio stream for which no
decompressor is available.
* Fixed crash when using quick preview beyond end of selection.
* Fixed a couple of cases of bogus total audio sample counts being reported
in the dub status window.
* Audio sync sometimes wasn't correct when cutting files with VBR audio.
* Audio stream estimate on status window was sometimes negative.
* Fixed crash at end of operation with IVTC enabled.[/SIZE]

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[color="Red"][SIZE="5"]VirtualDub 1.7.3 (build 28191) [/SIZE] (experimental)
(2007-08-31 23:29) [/color]

:arrow: POBIERZ

[SIZE="1"]VirtualDub 1.7.3 released

Timeout expired... write buffers flushed. New version released.

1.7.3 is out. This is again an experimental release, but it mostly contains bug fixes. It's been too long since the last release and some bug fixes that were too risky or extensive for 1.6.x had been piling up, so I decided to push it out. I've begun shunting new experimental features to a secondary branch and so the plan is to try to bake this code line until we can go stable again -- no new features. Please report any problems, and I'll do more experimental releases as necessary until the code line stabilizes.

The display code has been solidified a bit again and so a bunch of the refresh problems introduced from the multithreading experiments and the Vista DWM related tweaks should be gone. During the past couple months I'd been exercising the display code heavily in some other apps, which helped expose and wring out a number of bugs.

Notable new feature: I had gotten tired of constantly hacking my local build in order to play PS2 games on my laptop with low latency, so I implemented some DirectShow clocking options in the capture module. Disabling the clock is the one that helps turn your computer into an expensive television set, but there is now also an option to use audio timestamps. Previously VirtualDub always estimated audio timestamps from the CPU clock and the video clock, which was necessary under the VFW model; this was, however, not always very stable. The timestamps on the DirectShow audio samples can be considerably more accurate due to possibly being provided by the kernel driver. If you do video capture, go to Options > Timing and give it a whirl; it may make capturing more stable.

Changelog after the jump.

Build 28191 (1.7.3, experimental): [August 31, 2007]
[features added]
* Added display option for showing display debugging info.
* Frame rate adjustment can now be entered exactly, including as a rational
* Jobs can now be reloaded for tweaking.
* Capture: Added several options for fine-tuning timing issues with
DirectShow-based capture drivers.
* D3D: Improved bicubic algorithm for ps1.1+ capable cards.
* D3DFX: Extended annotation and semantics support -- see help for details.
* Hex editor: Now supports drag and drop.

[bugs fixed]
* Audio volume dialog didn't display properly after setting volume adjustment
to zero in script.
* Fixed crash when attempting to use "show decompressed output" when no
decompressor is available for the output format.
* Added workaround for digital cameras that write incomplete u-law audio
* Fixed crash when writing job that uses the Pinnacle DV codec.
* Added code to prevent crash when decoding an MJPEG stream where the JPEG
images are larger than the frame size reported in the video stream. This
now produces an error when the internal decoder is used.
* AVI recovery code can now recover AVI files with 'rec' grouping chunks.
* Fixed scrambled colors in filter preview with paletted video.
* Fixed I/O errors in rare case where an AVI file could not be opened in
unbuffered I/O mode.
* Implemented mode 7 compression, HAM, and Halfbrite modes in IFF ANIM
* Audio display would occasionally stop updating across certain edits.
* Output video pane now updates itself after filters are edited.
* Fixed minor bug where audio decompression errors would be reported as
compression errors.
* Fixed a case where audio displacements didn't work with compressed audio
and full processing mode.
* Perspective video filter now works in batch mode.
* Added workaround for strange bit rates being shown on output AVI files
in Windows Vista Explorer.
* Fixed decoding of AVI files that have zero-byte frames marked as key
frames (AVIFile turns these back into non-key frames).
* "Sharpen" video filter no longer shows black when filter preview is first
* D3DFX: Leaving alpha blending on in an effect no longer scrambles YCbCr

[regressions fixed]
* OK and Cancel behaviors on brightness/contrast video filter were swapped.
* Fixed crash when loading 8-bit RLE videos.
* D3D: Works again on video cards supporting less than pixel shader 3.0.
* Added setting value back to sharpen video filter configuration dialog.
* Fixed trippy gradient displays when trying to show a solid color for the
dummy frame at the end (some display drivers don't handle 1x1 blits
* Capture: Left-click start option works again.

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[color="Red"][SIZE="4"]MPEG-2 Upgrade for VirtualDub 1.6.19 by fccHandler[/SIZE]
Latest build 24586 (September 27, 2007)
Based on VirtualDub 1.6.19 by Avery Lee[/color]

http://home.comcast.net/~fcchandler/stable/VirtualDub-MPEG2.zip (954 KB)
http://home.comcast.net/~fcchandler/stable/VirtualDub-MPEG2-source.7z (1.15 MB)



Change Log started April 2004

Version 1.6.19 build 24586 (September 27, 2007)

* Fixed some problems when importing and muxing external AC-3 and MPEG audio files.

Version 1.6.19 build 24571 (September 16, 2007)

* Fixed an "out of memory" error when loading .m2v (video only) MPEG files.

Version 1.6.19 build 24570 (September 14, 2007)

* The "File / Save WAV..." dialog no longer shows "mp3" and "ac3" file extensions.

* Still more changes to improve the accuracy of the audio skew report.

Version 1.6.19 build 24563 (September 13, 2007)

* I've discovered that my previous build will sometimes pause for an alarmingly long time, especially after parsing large (1 GB or larger) MPEG files. That issue is fixed now.

* I'm still trying to improve the accuracy of the audio skew reported in "File Information" for MPEG files. This new build removes audio and video access units at the beginning of the MPEG stream if they lack Presentation Time Stamps, and I hope this will finally guarantee that the skew report is 100% accurate.

Version 1.6.19 build 24560 (August 23, 2007)

* Unfortunately, the change I made October 24, 2005 (which was supposed to reduce the memory footprint by not storing PTS for every sample) has caused a situation in which audio skew is reported incorrectly in the "File Information" dialog for MPEG files. I've had to undo that change.

* I've switched to using 7-Zip to archive the source code package.

Version 1.6.19 build 24528 (August 10, 2007)

* Finally fixed a rare crash which happens when decoding some slightly broken MPEG files.

Version 1.6.19 build 24507 (August 4, 2007)

* I've discovered a bug in the way seek positions are calculated in imported MPEG audio files. This build fixes the seeking problem.

* I've found another problem which is specific to imported 22050 Hz and 44100 Hz MPEG audio files, which manifests itself as a rapid "clicking" in the audio. It's caused by the presence of padding bytes in the MPEG stream, but I don't have a fix for it yet.

Version 1.6.19 build 24484 (August 3, 2007)

* I've upgraded the core to version 1.6.19.

* I've added one new experimental feature, "Browse for audio" in the Audio menu. This feature allows you to import an external AC-3 or MPEG audio file as your audio source, with some restrictions:

1) The file must begin with a valid AC-3 or MPEG audio header, or an ID3v2 tag which leads to a valid MPEG audio header. If you import a broken or corrupt file, the result may be garbage or a crash. There is almost no error handling.

2) The file must have a constant bitrate. VBR audio is not supported.

3) MPEG-2 audio (ISO/IEC 13818-3) is only allowed if the file is an MP3 file. MPEG Layer I and II files must be MPEG version 1 (ISO/IEC 11172-3).

4) You must have an ACM codec installed which can decode the audio format.



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[color="Red"][SIZE="5"]VirtualDub 1.7.6 (build 28292) [/SIZE] (stable)
(2007-10-13 19:13) [/color]

:arrow: POBIERZ

VirtualDub 1.7.6 released

New stable release is out.

If you are using the 64-bit (X64) version of VirtualDub 1.7.5, you definitely need this version because I fixed a critical bug that was causing crashes in the display drivers whenever VirtualDub happened to display video -- I messed up in an init call and misaligned the stack by four bytes, which mostly was OK except when the display driver attempted to use SSE2, where it crashed with an alignment fault. My access to an X64 system is sometimes spotty, so I didn't fully test the new code. Whoops.

1.7.6 was also delayed for about a week in order to shake out bugs in the new input driver plugin API -- if you are attempting to write or test such a driver, you also really want this version. I'd like to extend a special thanks to everyone who participated in the input driver thread on the forums and provided feedback on the SDK and bug reports, including fccHandler, Moitah, tateu, and pintcat. Thanks to everyone's fast feedback, I was able to push out ten very fast iterations on 1.7.6 to squash a bunch of bugs and I got to see some exciting input format plugins in development. I won't steal anyone's thunder here, but there's some really cool file format support coming, and now that they're plugins, people won't have to try to sync to my versions.

Incidentally, if anyone wants to write an input plugin, the SDK still isn't finished, but here is the current version:

Build 28292 (1.7.6, stable): [October 13, 2007]
[bugs fixed]
* Cancelling the mode selection dialog for "create test video" didn't cancel
the open.
* IVTC now works when the video format is non-RGB.
* Fixed garbled image when scrolling through an animated GIF in filter
* Fixed missing frames when opening animated GIFs with zero delay times in
* Fixed sync error when processing VBR audio in Direct mode.
* PluginSDK: Not supplying a custom signature caused a sketchy match to be
returned instead of full match.
* PluginSDK: Fixed API host related crashes in filter preview and IVTC paths.
* PluginSDK: Fixed support for VBR audio.
* PluginSDK: Fixed handling of internal-decode frames.
* PluginSDK: Fixed crash when no video stream is present.
* Capture: Video filters were receiving frame times that were 1000x too

[regressions fixed]
* AMD64: Fixed a pretty nasty stack misalignment issue in the 64-bit build.
* Fixed compression issues with WMV9VCM.[/SIZE]

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